Weber Leg Extension

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We have designed our leg and bass kit 250 mm higher to save your back. We have made our legs out of 1.5 mm aluminum tube and our bass trolley is out of 316 stainless steel. I decided to make the trolley and leg extension one day after getting a sore back from the old kettle three-legged Barbecue being way too low for most people these days. Everyone is getting taller. You don’t need any bolts screws or Welding to fit this kit takes only a few minutes to install changes the way you cook on your barbecue and a lot more stable with a bigger footprint. Happy barbecuing from team BBQWAR. 
From right to left the right-hand side is before to give you an indicator of the size difference. Left-hand is the new height and footprint any more questions you can email us or call our store.