Stainless Steel Spit

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A stainless-steel spit rotisserie is completed and ready to go. 230 v mains power 2 meters long for the extra-long sheep or pig. It’s ideal for roasting, whole sheep, pigs, goats, turkeys, etc. Wayne has helped design this unit. The center bar comes in two pieces.  The whole box includes instructions to get you up and going. Easy to install and easy to keep clean. Long-lasting suitable for up to 40kg. Why hire one when you can simply own one? The BBQWAR Rotisserie spit takes less than five minutes to put together 230 V mains motor with fully adjustable height, All are made from 304 stainless steel portable, and easy to clean. The main bar is 2 meters long fitting any sheep, pig, or piece of meat you have.

Package Size: L 100cm x W 32cm x H12.5cm

Weight:  11.50KG