SP 570 W Hot Plate. Custom Sizes available also.

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Team BBQ War - SP 570 weber Hot Plate

BBQ Kettle hotplate is an essential component that allows you to cook a variety of foods.

It is made from core ten steel, easy to clean. The hotplate has a flat surface that is heated from below. It produces a dry heat which cooks food evenly in its fat. Add the hotplate to your Weber, you can cook eggs, stir fry vegetables, cook steak to perfection, and many other options. Turns your BBQ into the ultimate unit for Cooking, smash burgers, sausages, steak, eggs, etc. Ideal for cooking items like pancakes, eggs, vegetables, and meats. Unlike grills with raised ridges, this hotplate does not have a ridge. It grills funnel oil and fats away from the food, applying direct heat. Hotplates provide a flat surface for versatile cooking. whether you’re searing steaks or flipping pancakes, the hotplate plays a crucial role in achieving delicious BBQ results! 

Regularly clean the hotplate after use to prevent buildup.

Product Details:

Package Size: L 590cm x W 560cm x 100cm.

Net Weight: 7.80KG

Designed and made in NZ